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Our restaurant is called Marmælen. According to northern Norwegian tradition the Marmæl (from ancient Norwegian "marmennil", a composite of "mar" = "sea" and "mannil" = "small man") is a tiny human-like creature living in the ocean.

The "marmennil" is said to be naked and shivering cold when it gets caught, and any wise fisherman would cloth it, with woollen mittens or else, before releasing it again. A well-treated Marmæl would later reward the fisherman with advice as to where to fish or where to avoid bad weather. It is obvious why the little ghost would be held in high regard! To us the name is reminiscence to our fishing past.

In our restaurant we can accommodate up to 150 people. During summer season, we serve breakfast and dinner. If you wish to book us for a family celebration, we can offer separate parts of our restaurant according to the size of your party.


For company incentives or spectacular evening events we can offer our former stockfish warehouse and the old fish factory as unique locations. Holmen Island offers lots of space for a large party tent.

You can bring your guests by boat right to the harbor of Mortsund or pick them up at the dock for a sightseeing tour. We have the appetizers ready at the big barn afterwards. Ask your event planner to check out our facilities!


We offer an attractive conference room which includes a movie theater-style screen complete with Dolby Surround audio system. The room holds up to 70 chairs. A usual conference setting encompasses 30-40 chairs and tables. Against a temptingly scenic view you will be treated to great meetings. Depending on the arrangement, we provide snacks and beverages on the side and make sure you never run out of coffee. Lunch breaks are possible in the conference room (wraps or sandwiches) or upstairs at our restaurant (menu or buffet). Inquire about our conference packages today!

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